A Professional Firm Can Help You Craft The Perfect Personal Endorsement For Yourself

The power of a personal connection cannot be understated, in business, and in life. With that in mind, Allison & Taylor Reference Checking is pleased to announce the addition of a valuable new service to their comprehensive array of reference checking and background check services: the Personalized Reference Letter.

Hiring managers very often prefer candidates with good reference letters. Very often, an employer or reference will respond to your reference request by saying “Sure, I’ll give you a reference. You write it up, and I’ll sign it.”

In that circumstance, you have a unique opportunity to craft a thoughtful, informed recommendation letter that plays to your strengths and gives you the best chance to advance your career or personal life.

This Reference Letter Can Change the Course of Your Career and Your Life – 5 Possibilities

One quality reference letter that addresses both the professional and personal strengths of an individual can be used for multiple reasons:

1.     When applying for a new job

  1. When being considered for a community leadership position or spot on a Board of Directors (school, church, youth organization, etc.)
  2. When applying for college or graduate school
  3. When applying for a financial loan
  4. When applying for a home rental

A personalized reference letter can be tailored to your specific profession: (e.g.: business, legal, medical, teaching) and can include endorsement of your qualifications, characteristics and capabilities.

Please visit https://www.allisontaylor.com to order a Personalized Reference Letter.

Allison & Taylor estimates that 50 percent of the references they check come back as “lukewarm” or “negative”. Don’t let a poor or mediocre reference sabotage your job search. If a reference provides unfavorable or inaccurate information to a prospective employer, there are steps that can be taken to rectify the situation, either through a Cease & Desist letter or through more aggressive legal recourse. To find out more about reference checking, please visit Allison & Taylor.