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DETROIT (June 13, 2019) – For those searching for a new job or a new career, the team is expert at providing professional reference checking, employment verification and background checks. Along with other services provided, the blog at can provide insight and tips for job seekers. Don’t lose an opportunity due to mediocre or bad job references by finding out what previous employers are saying about you.

From Past Employer References to Legal Rights to Why Not to Have a Friend Check Your References, the blog provides important information along with tips for successful job hunting and career transition. See some examples here:

What Will a Past Employer Tell a Prospective Employer?

Excerpt: Manage Your References – and Your Job Prospects – With These 10 Simple Steps

So, you’ve completed the first round of interviews – and perhaps the second – with flying colors towards that cherished new job. At this point, a prospective employer will begin to check the quality of your references and recommendations from previous employers, and these recommendations can make or break your prospects. More …

What Information Can a Former Employer Legally Provide?

Excerpt: You’ve come through the job application process with flying colors and your prospective employer has told you they need only confirm your job references before making you that offer. You’ve heard that your references can only (legally) confirm your former title/dates of employment; you’re almost home free, right? More …

Reference Checking: 7 Reasons Not to Have a Friend Check Your References

Realizing that your career may rest in a reference’s hands, you consider using a friend (or relative) – posing as a potential employer – to see what a reference will say about you to a prospective employer. While this tactic may be tempting, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea: More …

From our experience in reference checking, we know that a reference does not need to be illegal in order to sabotage a job search. Professional reference checking services are important because a mediocre job reference can be enough for the job offer to go to another candidate.

For example, providing incorrect information regarding the position title, employment dates or reason for separation could send the wrong message to a prospective employer checking your references. Even factors like a delayed return phone call or the tone in a reference’s voice can have the same effect. Employing reference checking and reference consulting services prior to your job search can help you understand what potential employers experience when talking with your references, which helps you get the job you want.

As basic as the need for a good job reference is, many candidates don’t take the time to assure themselves through reference checking that the references submitted to prospective employers are providing the type of recommendation expected and that will result in a successful job transition.

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