March 17, 2020

Dr. Henry W. Jones, Director
Anytown Educational Facility
123 4th Street, Anytown, US 12345

Regarding: Recommendation for Alexandra Shannon

Dear Dr. Jones,

I am writing to lend my recommendation and support for Alexandra Shannon as an educator for your organization. I have known Alexandra for six years and feel I can effectively speak to her strengths both personally and professionally.

In my opinion, Alexandra’s talents in the educational field are numerous, but what impresses me most is her drive and willingness to generously lend her skills to the children of our community. As you may be aware, Alexandra was the founder of Shannon Learning Collective, a K-5 school. With it’s creation, she participated in every aspect of the educational process, from hiring, training and administrative work to classroom instruction and assessment. Creating and maintaining a program with these demands takes a dedicated and extraordinarily gifted educator. In addition, she regularly offers her educational expertise to local families and is currently involved in running assessment testing for our local community.

Further, I believe that Alexandra’s success as educator is tied to her outstanding communication skills. She commands attention and respect though the knowledge and experience she can offer, while still managing to be warm and accessible. In the time I’ve spent with her, I’ve observed how she listens carefully, gauges a person’s concerns and needs, and speaks to those things directly with her suggestions and solutions, making each interaction personally significant.

Last, if I may, I would like to comment on Alexandra’s character. Policies and procedures can be learned, but strength of character cannot. Alexandra is extremely conscientious, with a high standard of conduct and sense of responsibility. I personally place a very high value on these qualities, and believe they make her the best kind of educator; one who realizes the significance of her work, the value of her team, and the importance of the students she serves.

If you have the opportunity to offer Alexandra a position with your organization, I urge you to take it; she will be an invaluable asset to your team, and to your students.

Please feel free to contact me if there is any further information I can provide.

Kind Regards,

Allison Taylor
567 8th Street, Anytown, US 12345
Home (123) 555-1234, Cell (123) 555-2345