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5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Résumé & Chances for a New Job

(DETROIT, October 25, 2019) - While many things – such as the importance of social media-– have changed in the job seeking game, one thing has not: the importance of a good résumé, says reference checking firm JobReferences. We’ve all heard “You only have one chance...

The Economy Is Good – Why Aren’t Your Job Prospects?

For Immediate Release The Economy Is Good – Why Aren’t Your Job Prospects? 5 Reasons Negative References Will Cost You A Job Even In An Upbeat Economy (DETROIT, September 26, 2019) – It’s currently a job-seeker’s market, and employers are eager to hire. Yet countless...

5 Proven Strategies For Your 2019 Job Hunt

Mending Relationships, Confirming Contact Information and Creating a Supplemental Reference List Will Help Win You the Job DETROIT (February 20, 2019) – References are very important in your job search, and it’s critical that you take the time to ensure yours reflect...

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Find out what the media is saying about or Allison & Taylor. Ask Annie column mentions Allison & Taylor Ask Annie column mentions Allison & Taylor

When a reader asked a question about what she could do when she found out an old boss was badmouthing her on reference checks, Ask Annie gives high praise to Allison & Taylor reference checking services. Dear Annie: I'm in a terrible spot. About four years ago,...