Let us tell you a dirty secret about past employers.

They love to talk to us and either don’t know or break company policy about references.

Find out what is really being said about you to
a potential employer.

See President of Allison & Taylor, Inc., Jeff Shane, discuss in this interview on The Job Shop, negative references, how to choose your references, what to do if you have a bad reference, and how to care for your references.

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About JobReferences.com & Allison & Taylor, Inc., the Reference Checking Company

Critical when seeking a job or promotion. Consider checking and validating your former employment references. Don’t lose a promotion or job opportunity due to mediocre or bad job references.

Our firm is highly acclaimed with employers, employees and the media alike. Compliments and mentions from influential publications and writers at The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Workplace Bullying Institute, ABC Newswire, Forbes, USA Today, Hcareers, Fortune and MyFox News provide insight into our services. Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company is headquartered in Michigan.