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Storage and Unbiased Third Party Certification

job reference check secure storageWithin the past year, our clients have had an increased need for us to maintain their records / reports for several reasons. Many clients are forced to take legal action or possible litigation while others have lost touch with their job reference check over the last few years. As such we now offer a service to maintain your records. For $19.99 we will keep your report(s) active and available for one year.

Additionally, we now offer the service of sending your job reference check reports directly to prospective employers for the fee of $150. The package includes the report(s) that you wish us to send and a letter explaining that your references have been certified by an unbiased third party.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us at or You can also call us at 248.651.9299. Please note: Your records will not be accessible after 60 days from this notice should you choose not to have us maintain them.

Don’t miss out on your next great job opportunity just because you’re receiving negative references. Have a professional job reference check to make sure your past employers aren’t hurting your chances.

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