Identifying a Possible Negative Reference – And Doing Something About It

You’re sure you nailed the interviews and the job is as good as yours – perhaps your prospective new employer has told you as much. Then, they suddenly break off communications with you and fail to return your calls. You’re left with the question: what happened?

One strong possibility is that your former boss might be providing your potential employer with a negative reference that might be hindering you landing the job., powered by Allison & Taylor, Inc, The Reference Checking Company identifies your previous supervisor and Human Resources representative as the most likely parties to be contacted by your prospective new employer. Consider having a reference check(s) done on your previous employers to determine if any of them are problematic.

Even is your reference check reveals negative employer commentary, what can be done about it? A powerful tool for job seekers to address is to serve their reference a “Cease & Desist Letter”, warning the reference (and their management) that their continued negative comments may ultimately result in legal action being taken against the company. In offering this service, works with attorneys well versed in employment law who will review the client’s report from a negative reference, speak directly with them to discuss protocol and options, and then issue the letter to the organization where the negative commentary arose.

Negative references have the potential to occur over and over again, but by working with services you will be provided with what your former boss is saying about you and the tools to take action to stop this negative scenario – and to land the job you seek.


About Allison

Allison & Taylor Inc. and its principals have been in the business of checking references for individuals and corporate accounts since 1984. We have successfully built our brand and corporate recognition and have been recommended by industry specialists such as The New York Times award-winning author Martin Yate (“Knock ‘Em Dead Résumés”). Numerous articles have been published about our business in newspapers and magazines including The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour Magazine, New Woman, Worth, National Business Employment Weekly, The Detroit News, and The St. Petersburg Times.