Create A New Revenue Stream by Partnering with Allison & Taylor Inc, The Reference & Credential Checking Company and Enhance the Revenue of Your Web Site with a Job Seeker Resource. 

 We would like to offer a valuable service to your job seeking visitors thus creating valuable content as well as a revenue generating stream for your site.

As the nature of our service is so unique and unknown to the job seeker, this information will add valuable content for your visitors. A revenue stream is created for you as you will receive a commission on each reference check, background check, resume or cover letter written generated through your site.

About 50% of job seekers obtain a poor to bad reference as companies do not honor corporate policies.  Especially bad bosses.  We document the reference and give results back to job seekers.

There are several reasons this service would benefit your website and you visitors:

  1. Add a new revenue stream to your business
  2. Assist your job seekers / clients figure out why they are not getting the job
  3. Help your job seekers build a power reference list – see samples here

Here is how you can share in the revenue and assist your job seekers:

The concept is simple utilizing your website and encouraging your visitors to visit a website that will assist them in securing a new job

  1. Add a phrase such as “What Will Your Former Boss Tell a Potential Employer About You” to your eNewsletters or below each job posting on your website


  1. Add Interesting & Unique Content valuable to your visitors – we will write custom content to your particular audience; Articles will hyperlink to your unique partner ID and you will receive quarterly commissions


  1. Banners – Sprinkle banners throughout your website promoting these services – here are example links below , please make certain you use your affiliate link and embed into the graphics, if you need assistance, please ask us
  2. Career center– Add a link to Allison Taylor in your resources or career center


  1. Complementary Access to our “Grow My Paycheck “ calculator

Here are some samples of content you could direct to the job seeker on your website:


Are you protected by your old company’s policy to only confirm the dates and title of employment?

Over 50% of our clients receive a poor to bad reference.

Our experience is, that with a little pressure, most managers break company policy and speak their mind to either help or hurt a candidate’s chance at another job.

Who from your past job will help you or hurt you – you need to know?

Visit our website or call 800 890 5645 and we will find out for you.  Our consultants actually call to find out precisely what your former company will say about you.  You will receive the results of the job reference in writing from

Click here to find out what is really being said about you.

Is your past boss badmouthing you?

50% of our clients have lost good job offers due to bad or mediocre comments from previous employers. will confidentially find out what is really being said about you and give you the power to stop it!

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Interviewing well but not getting the job? 50% of Companies DO NOT Honor Corp Policy re References

Maybe it’s something that a past employer or reference is saying. Could a jealous colleague be sabotaging you? Could your past boss be less than happy at your departure? will help you find out.

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 Do you have a separation agreement with your past employer? Is it being honored?

Is your past employer giving you the professional and prompt reference that was promised or are they saying, “Well according to our agreement I can only confirm that he worked here.” will find out what is really being said and give you the power to enforce your agreement.

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Were you a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination?

Your previous employers could be affecting your new job search through their comments to prospective employers. Don’t let them continue to hurt you and your career.

Click here to find out what is really being said about you.

Are you being BLACKBALLED?

Last year our clients were awarded more than $2 million in settlements. will find out what is really being said about you and give you the power to stop it!

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You’ve put time and effort into your resume, developed your network of possible employers and recruiters, worked on your interview skills – but have done nothing but typed a list of your references. Don’t leave this crucial area to chance. References are the final factor in who gets the job offer. Your past employers – anyone you reported to will be contacted. Do you know what they will say? will find out what is really being said about you.

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