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Want to check what your references say about you, but want to make sure they don’t find out they’re being looked in to? That’s why all of our services are confidential reference checks. 

With our confidential reference check service, your confidentiality is assured because a reference is not informed of the source requesting information. Our clients include direct hiring companies and professional recruiters, so typically a reference we’re checking will assume that one of these sources is our client. At no time during the process will a reference be told the name of the client who hired our organization to perform this research. You can rest assured knowing you will get a confidential reference check that won’t be traced back to you, and won’t hurt your standing with the references we’re contacting. 

Please note: In order to assure that our research can be legally admissible, we never misrepresent our firm; we simply state, if asked, that we verify references and credentials for a multitude of clients.

Confidential Reference Check

Your information is safely stored throughout the process, and we work hard to protect the confidentiality of our clients before, during, and after our work has been completed.  

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