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Within 48 hours of receipt of your order to check your references, our staff will begin attempts to contact your reference or references via phone. The turnaround time of our service can’t be guaranteed as it is dependent upon the availability of the reference(s) being contacted. If any of your references travel excessively or do not wish to return our calls, it will require a longer turnaround time.

JobReferences’ reference check research average turnaround time is 10 work days. As soon as contact with your reference is made, a full written report will be sent to you directly. Telephone and fax reports are also available, but for an additional fee. 

We understand that the job market is highly competitive, and good jobs will come and go quickly. If you can’t afford to wait because your dream job opening has already been posted, we also offer rush service for an additional fee. This is a good way to check your references fast, and ensures that calls will be made immediately upon receipt of your order. However, the turnaround time is still dependent on the availability of the reference(s).

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We'll have our professionals start calling your references within 48 hours.

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