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If you currently have, or have in the past had a bad boss, that could mean a bad reference in the future. Will you simply trust that your last boss will give you a quality reference when contacted? It is likely that this bad boss will be contacted by future employers when you are applying for new positions, and what your former boss will say to a prospective employer could be the difference in receiving a new job offer. Don’t let a bad boss or bad reference ruin your chances of getting your next job. Knowing what they’ll say helps you combat their bad reference, or give you peace of mind if they end up giving a positive reference. This is why our reference checking services are crucial to anyone who is applying for a new position. 

We will contact your former employer in a discreet and professional manner, and your former employer will likely think we are just another prospective employer, meaning your boss will never know that you are utilizing our service. Our experienced staff will then ask a series of questions that are designed to elicit a response similar to that which will be given to a prospective employer. We will then provide a detailed report of our conversation to you via your own private part of our website. The report will include the questions and answered covered in the conversation with your past boss, along with information such as tone of voice and attitude.

With this new information, you can go confidently into your next job interview knowing what your former boss is going to say when contacted. Don’t let a bad boss ruin your chances of getting a better job in the future. Let us find out what they will say before your prospective employer contacts them. Many of our clients are often shocked by what a former boss has to say when our staff contact them, so you can’t assume you know what they’re saying. If you think that your former or current boss is a bad boss, then you deserve the peace of mind to know how they’ll respond in a reference check. 

Remember that a prospective employer is under no obligation to inform you what they discovered while talking with your former employer. This means you won’t be able to find out what was said about you even after it’s too late. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing in advance what that person is going to say?  Contact our staff today and learn more about our reference checking services and reasonable pricing packages.

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