4 Reasons An Innovative Reference List Will Ensure You Stand Out From Other Applicants

Make your reference list a compelling Mini Resume.
Here is a format created that will surely enhance a job applicant’s chances of a job offer.

We are all well aware of the importance of a resume when seeking new employment. Less well-known is the power of a well-crafted reference list that serves as a powerful “mini resume”.
It is critically important that you select your potential references with care, and ensure that these references speak to your strengths and the expertise you demonstrated when you worked with them in the past.
Here are 4 benefits of the new reference format that is outlined below:
1.     It allows you to showcase your abilities and achievements with former employers, and to tie that expertise in with the key job elements sought by prospective new employers.
2.     It allows you to choose a diverse number of references, each of whom will (ideally) be able to support different areas of expertise on your behalf.
3.     When offered to a potential employer — e.g., at the close of an interview — a well-crafted reference document will make a powerful and proactive statement on your behalf.
4.     You should provide your references with a recap of your skills that tie into the employment criteria identified by a prospective employer(s). This will best ensure that your references will provide exactly the feedback you would wish to potential new employers.
Here is a format created by Allison & Taylor, The Reference & Credential Checking Company that captures the criteria outlined above. This is in an editable, downloadable format.

By choosing a group of references that is both supportive and diverse, you will be presenting employers with a more representative sampling of your overall attributes – and enhancing your prospects of gaining new employment.
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Critical when seeking a job or promotion. Consider checking and validating your former employment references. Don’t lose a promotion or job opportunity due to mediocre or bad job references.
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