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We will reference check your previous employers to find out EXACTLY what they are saying about you.


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Is Your Former Boss Holding You Back?

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Prospective employers greatly value the information gained from speaking with a job reference. The #1 reason that a qualified applicant won’t get a job offers is because they received a negative job reference from their former employers. The most common negative job references include some of the following:

  • Focusing on the negatives rather than positives
  • Badmouthing
  • Slandering
  • Blackballing
  • Or simply giving bad ratings

Don’t miss out on getting a job just because you have a bad job reference! We will reference check your previous employers to find out exactly what your previous employers are saying about you when called. We will then help you develop strategies to counteract bad references and improve your chances of landing the job.

Confidentiality of Our Service

Client confidentiality is assured because a reference will never be informed of the source requesting the information. As our clients include direct hiring companies and professional recruiters, a reference generally will assume that our client is one of those traditional sources. At no time will a reference be told the name of the client who requested our research.

Timeliness of Our Service

Within 48 hours of receiving your order and resume, our staff will begin attempts to contact your references via phone. The turnaround time for our service depends upon the availability of the references being contacted. References who are difficult to reach due to excessive travel or simply won’t return our calls will require a longer turnaround time.

Find what your past boss and job references say about you!

Having a job reference checking service check your job references is the most accurate way to confirm that these job references will enhance your chances, rather than prevent you from securing the position you want.

During job references or an employment verification check, do you really think you’re protected by your former company’s policy to only confirm the dates and title of employment when called? 

With just a little pressure, most managers WILL break company policy and speak their mind to either help or hurt a candidate’s chance at another job. You need to know what your former employer will say about you to a prospective employer. If they’re hurting your chances, you can request a cease and desist letter or strategize in other ways to help recover from the poor job reference. Click here to find out what is really being said about you.

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Reference Checking Services

Our job reference checking service will help you get the job you want! Choose your preferred reference checker package below. 

The nation’s leading provider of career counseling, resume writing, job reference checking and background checks since 1984.

Allison & Taylor has over thirty years of experience in professional reference checking cease and desist letters and detailed employment verifications you can trust. Our reference checking services have been nationally recognized on,, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal,, Glamour Magazine, New Woman Magazine, Worth Magazine, The Detroit News, and The St. Petersburg Times just to name a few!

What Our Clients Say


“Prior to losing my job, I had no idea that your service even existed. In fact, the mere thought of verifying the quality of my own references never even crossed my mind. Thank goodness, a friend referred me to your firm. The research your company did uncover one bad reference – the reason I wasn’t receiving any job offers. This information allowed me to strategically avoid this individual and successfully land the next position I interviewed for.”

J. McKnight, V.P. Marketing

“Your service saved my husband’s career. Even though he won his lawsuit for wrongful termination and age discrimination, his references were keeping him from doing what he loved, working. Your company provided us with the evidence we needed to avoid another court battle. Thank you.”

P. Sommers, President

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